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The Transformed Stormwater Park: Qunli National Urban Wetland
Moscow Sokolniki Park – Tea Party Matrix
Korea – Busan North Port
Moscow River-River Recovered
A Resilient Landscape: Yanweizhou Park in Jinhua City
Architectural design of Anhui Tongcheng Cultural Museum and planning of neighboring land
Deqing Cultural Display Center and Library
The Taihang Skywalk over the Red Flag Canal
Water Resilient Green: The Harbin Cultural Center Wetland Park
Moon-floating Tample
Square & Round
Qian'an Sanlihe River Ecological Corridor
Kunming Greenways
Harvard President Speech in Tsinghua University: Universities and the Challenge of Climate ChangeHarvard Office of President
CITY GREEN: LANDSCAPE AS A LIVING SYSTEM Shanghai 2010 Expo Houtan ParkThe Press Room
Architectural Record: Architects Take the Stage in BangladeshArchitectural Record
Turenscape's project is reported by TradeArabia from Middle EastTradeArabia
ArchDaily: Minghu Wetland Park / TurenscapeArchDaily
Competionline: Moscow River coastal areas FinalistCompetionline
Dezeen:Turenscape transforms "lifeless ditch" into wetland park with meandering causewaysDezeen
Kongjian Yu is invited to give a speech in the upcoming EngageDhaka 2015
       Landscape Architecture MORE...
Zhongshan Shipyard Park
Shenyang Architectural University Campus
The Floating Gardens -- Yongning River Park
China Town Park - Boston
Qinghuangdao Beach
Qinhuangdao Red Ribbon¬ Park
Tianjin Qiaoyuan Wetland Park
Tianjin Bridged Gardens
Qinhuangdao Botanical Garden
Chicago North Grant Park
Shanghai Houtan Park
Yinzhou Central River
Brown Stone Apartment
Qian'an Sanlihe River Ecological Corridor
The Red Folding Paper in the Greenway
Long Sleeve Skywalk
Qunli Stormwater Park
Transforming a Working Landscape
Liupanshui Minghu Wetland Park
Square & Round
The Harbin Cultural Center Wetland Park
The Taihang Skywalk
Yanweizhou Park
       Architecture MORE...
Kunming Institute of Technology
Qinghuangdao Bird Museum
Hallelujah Concert Hall
Liaoning Administrators College of Police & Justice
Qinhuangdao party institute of CCP
Gaoan Campus, Yichun College
Stone Inscription Culture and Arts Center
Tongcheng Cultural Museum
Moon-floating Tample
Deqing Cultural Display Center and Library
       Urban Design/City Planning MORE...
Tongzhou New Town, Beijing
Suzhou Tangbei residential area
The Daxing New Town
Shanshan New City
Urban Design of Jiangjin North,Chongqing
Changping New Town
The Wulijie Eco-City
Minneapolis Waterfront
Urbanscape Feature planning of Weihai
Olympic Park Rio 2016
Moscow River-River Recovered
Busan North Port
Moscow Sokolniki Park
       Ecological Infrastructure and Green way MORE...

National Linear Cultural Heritage Network

National Ecological Security Patterns

Beijing Ecological Infrastructure

Taizhou Ecological Infrastructure
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