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LecturerKongjian Yu
The Claremont Eco Forum
25 May 2021
Communities and Cultures for the Common Good

The Claremont Eco Forum (a.k.a. the International Forum on Ecological Civilization) continues to be one of the largest forums on ecological civilization in the world. Since 2006, this annual forum has drawn together a global cohort of creative academics, activists, artists, non-profit leaders, and governmental officials who are dedicated to rethinking our society toward an ecological civilization.

You're invited to contribute to creative solutions toward the long-term wellbeing of people and the planet! This year, we joint together the 14th International Forum and 3rd International Youth Forum in fully online and 100% collaborative exploration on six themes:

Day 1: Politics, Law, & Governance in a World That Works for All

Day 2: Economies for Wellbeing and Planetary Flourishing

Day 3: Food & Farming for Future Generations

Day 4: Education for Sustainability and Social Change

Day 5: Communities & Cultures for the Common Good

Day 6: Youth and the Ecological Generation

We think an ecological civilization will emerge by working together. So rather than a series of one-sided lectures like most conferences, this year's international forum will involve two types of sessions: 1) plenary dialogues featuring panels of experts from around the world, and 2) small working group where all conference attendees will have a chance to contribute ideas on the vision, values, and structures needed to build an ecological civilization. Each day will focus on a particular topic (law, economies, farming, education, communities) with the last day exploring the interconnection of all topics and lead by Youth. Scholars who want to share more formal presentations of their research are encouraged to submit papers and/or pre-recorded lectures to be uploaded to the conference website which will serve as a resource hub for those who want to know more about ecological civilization.

 More Details: https://claremontecoforum.org/plenary-panelists/

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