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BlueTech Forum 2024 Innovation in Action

LecturerKongjian Yu
BlueTech Research
3-4 June
Sponge Planet
Edinburgh, Scotland

“The BlueTech Forum event format is unique because it creates an environment in which participants are much more open and engaged, willing to truly listen, learn, connect and commit towards a common goal. It’s a very authentic and passionate experience, I love it and I know I’m not the only one.” - Kemira

Since 2012, BlueTech Research has brought together the brightest minds in the global water sector to nurture solutions to the world’s water crisis. This international event attracts a unique blend of senior industrial water users, leading utilities, NGOs, municipalities, technology providers, investment

companies and distinguished academic institutions.

BlueTech Forum 2024 will be taking place in the enchanting city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Our formal reception to close Day 1 will be set in the world-famous Edinburgh Castle, one the country’s most historic and iconic sites.


Sponge City Pioneer

Kongjian Yu’s innovative “sponge city” designs are transforming urban landscapes. By creating cities that soak up downpours, his designs are replacing flooded streets with lush green spaces, and allowing rainwater to nourish cities. Yu’s firm, Turenscape, is already turning heads with a project in Bangkok that transformed a wasteland into a network of lakes and wetlands. Over 70 cities in China have implemented his designs, with the government aiming for 80% of cities to become absorbent by 2030. The Sponge City system is inspired by nature’s ability to absorb and release water, transforming streets into green havens with mango trees growing where once concrete reigned.

More Details (Including Registration): https://bluetechforum.bluetechresearch.com/

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