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Gansu Daily: Professor Yu Kongjian Gave A Speech on Lecture Series for Government Officials in Gansu

2015-09-14 Author:Gansu Daily
On September 12, the Eighth Lecture of “Enriching the People & Prospering Gansu” Lecture Series for government officials in Gansu province was successfully held. Professor Yu Kongjian, PhD of Harvard GSD, Dean of College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture of Peking University, and the Founder and Principal Designer of Turenscape, was invited to give a themed speech on “Big Foot Revolution toward Eco City”.
Mr. Li Rongcan, Vice Governor and Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee, and Mr. Shi Jing, Deputy Secretary-General of the CPPCC both listened to the speech.
Professor Yu centered on the wide-spread “little-foot” urbanism in urban planning with various examples. He pointed out that the “little foot” city would only accelerate the exhaustion of resources and deteriorate the environment, thus was not sustainable and cannot eliminate the survival threats we are facing. He further explained, it’s time for the present urban development to have a “big foot” revolution by employing Negative Approach in urban planning, releasing and recovering the “big foot” of nature, and bravely embracing natural beauty and reducing disturbance on nature, developing towards eco city. Professor Yu’s speech, consisting of fresh ideas and thoughts, gave all the audience a new perspective to urban planning, new perception on natural beauty, and hope for a more beautiful China, as well as a new path and idea for urban planning in Gansu’s future development.
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