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Kazahlakes: Turenscape won 1st place of International Competition - the Kaban Lake System Embankments, Tatarstan, Russia

2015-10-04 Source:Turenscape
1st October, 2015, Turenscape has won the 1st place of an international competition to develop the masterplan (1124 ha) and detail design (27 ha)of the Kaban Lake Embankment in the City Center of Kazan, the Capital of Tatarstan, Russia. The result is announced by the City Mayor, IlsurMetshin at the Kazan City Hall and the project is scheduled to begin in 2016.
Turenscape’s design is selected as the winning scheme from 10 international finalists in the 2nd stage, which are selected from 170 applications from 18 countries at the 1st stage on 7th July, 2015.
Turenscape in consortium with MAP Architects, the China-Russia team led by Turenscape has composed the winning design – called The Resilient Ribbon – is to create a timeless legend for Kazan through cleaned water. The project is a continuous landscape system that integrates urban ecology, culture vitality and slow-transportation together, connecting the Lower, Middle, and Upper Kaban Lake as a single system, which purifies water with plants and greenery in the overall masterplan as the principle of implementation. Detail Design of first phase at the Lower Kaban Lake will also be conducted covering the area of the Millennium Park, Galiaskar Kamal Theatre, Zakabannaya Mosque and the Embankment Area.
For detail of the Development of the Kaban Lake System Embankments competition, please visit the competition website: http://www.kazanlakes.com/.
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