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Municipality of Prato: Turenscape is shortlisted for the 2nd stage of Parco Centrale di Prato in Italy

2016-08-04 Author:Stanley Lung Source:Municipality of Prato

Consignment of the schematic designs is set by July 10, 2016. and the selection of the winning design and entrustment of the final project and working plan will be decide by September 30, 2016 with an exhibition of all design proposals.

The competition was launched at the beginning of January 2016 the Municipality of Prato, an international two-phase design competition for a new 3-hectare urban park in its historical city center. The main aim of the competition is to completely rethink the former hospital area, creating an urban park that endows it with a functional and strategic role so as to fully include it in the network of city relations.  

The new urban park must first of all be able to change the vision and perception not only of the new place that will be created, but it must also alter the perception of the downtown areas adjacent to it, conferring awareness that a new part of the city has been created inside the walls. Not an area closed off by walls and gates, but a prevalently open area capable of becoming a hub of vitality for the center and for the city outside the walls.

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