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Mugs Noticias:Kongjian Yu, World Leader In Green Urban Planning, Will Give A Conference At The Uam


The Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) has extensive research in both ecological urban planning and climate change, by promoting the dissemination and reflection on these topics in projects financed in Mexico and abroad, and by convening each year the national research congress on the phenomenon of overheating the Earth, said Dr. Fabiola Sosa Rodríguez, an academic at the Azcapotzalco Unit.

For all these reasons, it is relevant that Dr. Kongjian gives the Keynote Methodology Conference on strategic ecological safety and eco-city patterns: experiences of ecological urban planning in China, on November 22, at 4:30 p.m., at the Pedro Ramírez Architectural Auditorium Vázquez of the Rectory General of the House open at the time.

The presentation will reinforce priority issues of the University, in particular adaptation strategies to climate change and will allow to learn lessons learned regarding ecological functions and technical aspects to carry out research, its financing, design and how these interventions address a whole plan. Urban Development

“Dr. Kongjian is interested in the history of the Mexico basin and how a system of six interconnected lakes of incredible beauty has undergone transformations that have jeopardized the water balance. Hence the idea of sharing experiences, in the light of this window of opportunity to change the ecological paradigm and start working for more resilient cities in the country. ”

The visit of the world leader on these issues is carried out in an important context for Mexico, since both the federal and local government have expressed their concern to provide a solution to the problem in the basins and degraded, contaminated or unsafe sites, said the Head of the Economic Growth and Environment area of the Department of Economics of the Azcapotzalco Unit.

"Such interventions would contribute to the development of beautiful public spaces that may be appropriate, functionally ecological and serve the recreational enjoyment of the population", in addition to reducing the crisis of the resource facing the capital and that in the medium term could suffer other localities of the nation.

According to the leader in inquiries with national and international financing on climate change and water, in Mexico the experiences are still small, including the Viaducto Ecoducto Linear Park, where UAM researchers and students participated, and plans for rescue of the National Channel, but it is necessary to add efforts from different actors.

For the interventions to be successful, not only the presence of the authorities is enough, but also other fundamental sectors, for example, the private sector and society, that is, that they are multisectoral proposals with commitments from all parties that allow the appropriation of the place, its care and maintenance for the long term.

Beyond "being a park with benches, it must fulfill ecological functions that provide benefits and also contribute to adding a grain of sand for the rescue and water balance of the basin."

Metropolis like that of Mexico has neglected green spaces, which are an important element for the population's quality of life and in recent studies carried out as a result of the impact of climate change itself, cities have been seen to create islands of heat, which is increasing.

Mediations with green water infrastructures allow reducing thermal effects in addition to providing other ecosystem services, including helping to filter and recharge aquifers, become areas that can provide water and present some functions of carbon sequestration, purification of air and other favors that nature “lends us and which is lacking due to the loss of vegetation cover”.

Dr. Kongjian is responsible for the Sponge Cities Plan that takes advantage of the green urban infrastructure to give positive results in terms of availability and quality of the vital liquid, and flood reduction, in addition to the intervention of more than one hundred ecourbes and more than one thousand ecohydraulic works in China. His work is recognized worldwide in the United States, Belgium, Australia and Germany, with projects that stand out not only for their beauty, but for being functionally ecological.

Prior to the conference it is planned that the UAM sign a collaboration agreement with the University of Beijing to promote the mobility of students and professors of the House open at the time and the undertaking of joint research in the field.

Entrance to the Keynote Conference Methodology of strategic patterns of ecological safety and ecocities: experiences of ecological urban planning in China, on November 22, at 4:30 p.m., in the Auditorium Architect Pedro Ramírez Vázquez of the Rectory General . Translation will be done and there will be room for questions from the audience. For online pre-registration visit: bit.ly/2WqWul7 or send an email to fssosa@gmail.com. The live broadcast will be at: www.uam.mx/video/envivo

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