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Greenroofs: Sponge City Starts with Home Green


Addressing the multiple big challenges the modern cities and the planet as a whole are facing today: flood and drought, soil and water pollution, food shortage, drying out of the aquifer, and alienated degraded nature human-nature interface, etc., Sponge City is proposed as a nature-based solution to retain, infiltrate, and cleanse water, meanwhile creating landscapes that provide multiple ecosystem services.

Beyond the physical boundary of city, Sponge City is a philosophy of designing a resilient planet across scales. And it starts with home, my own home that is physically made of roof, walls and floors. The talk will follow the author Kongjian Yu to explore a low maintenance approach to create a green wall and productive roof at his own home and beyond.

Click here to watch the video: http://virtual.greenroofs.com/agenda/sponge-city-starts-with-home-green/

Conference Speaker


Turenscape Founder & Landscape Architect; Peking University Professor and Founding Dean of College of Architecture and Landscape



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