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Edifícios e Energia:Kongjian Yu for the First Time in Portugal at the NBS Summit Urban Edition

2024-03-14 Source:Edifícios e Energia

The event dedicated to nature-based solutions arrives in Porto, Portugal, in May 2024. Organized by ANCV   together with Porto City Council , through Águas e Energia do Porto , the Nature Based Solutions Summit will take place on the 23rd and May 24th, at the Super Bock Arena, in Porto.

This premier interdisciplinary platform fosters discussions on nature-based solutions, construction, architecture, design and engineering of the future in the national and international context. Discover the latest trends, technological advancements and practical solutions shaping sustainable urban development and global market prospects.

The NBS Summit aims to become a reference looking at cities and their relationship with the environment in favor of sustainability. An innovative initiative on the national scene that brings together research, science, municipalities, architecture, engineering and sustainability.

For the first time in Portugal , renowned landscape architect Kongjian Yu will be present as a special guest.

PhD from Harvard GSD (1995), dean of the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Peking University and founder of Turenscape — one of the most prominent landscape architecture studios in China with more than 500 employees — Yu became one of the most important and visionary figures of the urban transformation of contemporary cities. In addition to his extensive design practice that seeks to integrate joint solutions between traditional and contemporary Chinese elements, Yu is also recognized for having developed the Sponge City ecological design concept . For these reasons, throughout his career, Yu has been awarded numerous distinctions, including the IFLA Sir Geffrey Jellico Award (2020), and the Oberlander International Landscape Architecture Prize (2023) — the highest recognition from the International Federation of Architects Landscapers. To date, Yu has developed more than 600 built projects in more than 200 cities, mainly on the Asian continent.

Sponge City and Nature Based Solutions

Yu is internationally recognized for his innovative work in creating urban spaces that uniquely harmonize nature and human function, namely through the Sponge Cities concept that aims to address the challenges of urban flooding and water scarcity through natural and sustainable infrastructure.

His investigations into Ecological Security Patterns (1995) and Ecological Infrastructure, Negative Planning and Sponge Cities (2003) were adopted by the Chinese Government (2013) as guidelines for ecological protection and restoration campaigns. Having helped transition Chinese ecological policies nationally and implemented in more than 200 cities. This transition from an urbanism focused on economic development to an ecologically prudent urbanism was due to the more than 600 lectures that Yu gave to ministers, mayors, and technicians, as well as the numerous letters addressed to the main Chinese leaders.

The Sponge Cities concept focuses on the problem of urban flooding accelerated by climate change, introducing large-scale infrastructural zones — such as constructed wetlands, greenways, parks, landscaped roofs, among others — that act as “sponge” devices. , retaining water instead of draining it. Through Yu's methodology, it is expected that by 2030, 80% of the cities where the strategy was implemented will be able to absorb 70% of their precipitation.

Throughout his career, Kongjian Yu has been a tireless advocate for nature-based solutions, firmly believing in their transformative power to create more sustainable, resilient and livable cities.

NBS SUMMIT – at the forefront of sustainable urbanism

By uniting Kongjian Yu 's experience with the diversity of perspectives represented at the NBS Summit Urban Edition , this event promises to be a catalyst for innovative ideas and meaningful collaborations. Participants will have the opportunity to not only learn about the latest trends and technologies, but also explore the transformative impact of nature-based solutions in building more sustainable and resilient cities.

Join this unique event and be part of the conversation about the future of urban sustainability, driven by the inspiring presence of Kongjian Yu and other visionary leaders in the field of Nature-Based Solutions .

The NBS Summit Urban Edition is poised to shape the next era of urban innovation and we count on your participation to be part of this journey towards a greener and more resilient future for our cities.

For information and registration, visit http://www.nbs-summit.com/

Sourse: https://edificioseenergia.pt/empresas/kongjian-yu-pela-primeira-vez-em-portugal-no-nbs-summit-urban-edition-130324-1-2/

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