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The New York Times: He's Got a Plan for Cities That Flood - Stop Fighting the Water

2024-04-01 Author:Richard Schiffman Source:The New York Times

Cities around the world face a daunting challenge in the era of climate change: Supercharged rainstorms are turning streets into rivers, flooding subway systems and inundating residential neighborhoods, often with deadly consequences.

Kongjian Yu, a landscape architect and professor at Peking University, is developing what might seem like a counterintuitive response: Let the water in.

“You cannot fight water,” he said. “You have to adapt to it.”

Instead of putting in more drainage pipes, building flood walls and channeling rivers between concrete embankments, which is the usual approach to managing water, Mr. Yu wants to dissipate the destructive force of floodwaters by slowing them and giving them room to spread out.


Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2024/03/28/climate/sponge-cities-kongjian-yu.html

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