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Urban Design of Jiangjin North New Area in Chongqing


Project Information

Project Location:
China Chongqing
Design Time:
May 2008
Chongqing Jiangjin district people government
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Project Profile

This project takes an alternative approach to traditional planning and places ecological infrastructure as the basic framework to develop new city structure to organize the urban space and layout, and ultimately gives form to the urban area. Municipal infrastructure provides social and economic services, while ecological infrastructure will provide natural infrastructure to manage water and pollution to create a sustainable city. These are not only the most basic needs for urban residents, but also protect the ecological and cultural characteristics of the city. The site is surrounded by mountains on three sides and a river borders the other, the confluence of streams and mountains forms a "camellia-like" city. Using ecological framework as the basis for urban design, a new city has been created with ecological, cultural and economically viable characteristics.