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Danfeng chaoyang Stone Inscription Culture and Arts Center, Danyang city


Project Information

Project Location:
China Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, China
Project Classify:
Project Scale:
21.4 hactares
Design Time:
Jiangsu Qiliang Culture & Tourism Development Co . , Ltd

Project Profile

This project is on the north byland in Phoenix Lake Culture Expo of Jiangsu Culture and Technology Industrial Park(tentatively titled )in Danyang City, Jiangsu Province. It is not only the visual focus of the whole Phoenix Lake Culture Expo, but the most important architectural landscape in Jiangsu Culture and Technology Industrial Park as well.
The construction pattern comes from a kind of ancient superbird “phoenix”, which implies “Danfengchaoyang”. The main building is composed of something like individual wings of phoenixes which cross each other. It breaks through the traditional museum concept, combines cultural relic exhibition and landscape, extending to the surrounding natural scenery in the Lake District, and becomes the soul of culture in the whole region. The combination of buildings and the site makes spectators walk through artificiality and nature, history and reality, and look upon changes of stone inscription culture with an ecological and leisure attitude.
The design has created three earthscape features as follows:
(1)Earthscape as the base.
Productive landscape bred under the native culture on the earth, such as farmland, pool, forest belt , is the foundation of the site. This type of native earthscape contains totally different cultural connotation from artificial garden landscape. Landscape on this basis reflects the special native culture, which can not be embodied in other tourist destinations.
(2) Stone inscription  art as the soul.
As the noumenon of exhibition, stone artwork’s value is necessarily the concern of tourism.
(3)It’s themed by Qiliang stone inscription culture, and constructs distinct earth stone inscription art tourist destination, which relies on the theme of Qiliang stone inscription culture to incorporate stone inscription art into earthscape, vast farmland landscape, pent-up space under the forest, tranquil water space, deserted weeds space and sand space full of Zen to form special exhibition space, precious stone inscriptions and unique exhibition space and build up a unique earth tone inscription art tourist destination.
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