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Gaoan Campus, Yichun College


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Project Location:
China Gaoan County, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, China
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Gaoan Campus, Yichun College

Project Profile

Gaoan Campus of Yichun College is located next to the village committee of Dacheng Village, Dacheng Town, with National High Way No. 320 on its south side. The site is featured with hilly landscape and valley basin.

Therefore, the planning considered the terrain features, reasonably arranged the functional zoning areas for the new campus to ensure the central status of teaching and training area. The layout of the building complex was decided according to the classification of subjects’ different function, in order to facilitate the improvement of teaching and management, which makes teaching and living independent and also connect with each other efficiently. The integration of building complex makes it is possible to centralize the construction land, leaving more and larger space for greening ,to improve the quality of campus environment. It also facilitates the co-use and management of facilities with greater flexibility, class rooms could be adjusted flexibly according to the development of each discipline. In architectural design, courtyard is formed through the enclosure of buildings, into which landscape is introduced. Meantime, large viewing platforms are integrated into the building facade, which enables the indoor space interacts with the external landscape. The terrain of the construction sites is typical of mountain and valley, with gentle slope on both sides and pits and ponds and depressions in the middle. The site also boasted of lush vegetation and excellent ecological environment. As the hillside is neither steep nor high, thus planning buildings are mainly low-rise, with simple and spreading forms. Meantime, buildings are partly elevated to minimize the sense of architectural mass.
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