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Suqian Santaishan Flower Quilt

2019-10-26 Video

Project Information

Project Location:
China Suqian, Jiangsu
Project Scale:
310 Hectares
Build Time:
May 2015
Suqian Municipal Government
Award List:
2021 Cityscape Iconic Landscape Awards, 2018 First Prize of the China Architecture Design Award•Landscape Architecture Category

Project Profile

1. Project Statement 

In a new urban development district, a park, called Santai Shan Forest Park, was planned as a catalyst to transform the poorly managed suburban landscape and enhance the land value surrounding the site.

2. Design Strategy

The strategy is a patchwork of flowers. The project celebrates the vernacular landscape of fields, orchard, forests and water features in the existing situation. The designer made use of the subtle terrain and has created terraces of fields and transformed them into a patchwork colors of meadows and productive crops. A touring route and a network of pedestrian connect the designed and exiting landscape elements together, and a skywalk is elevated above the filed allowing visitor to experience the extensive fields of colors. Pavilions and resting structure are allocated all through the landscape. 

3. Conclusion

In just 5 months after its opening from May till October of 2015, two millions of visitors had been attracted to the park. The goal of creating an activating the suburban district through an inexpensive landscape strategy has been fulfilled successfully.