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Gaochun International Cittaslow Planning


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China Nanjing, Jiangsu
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Project Profile

“Cittaslow” is an organization founded in Italy and inspired by the slow food movement. In 1999, on the basis of slow food, the first “Cittaslow” conference was held in Orvieto, Italy, and proposed the establishment of a new urban model. Gaochun International Cittaslow is the first “Cittaslow” of China selected by the International Cittaslow Alliance in 2010.

After analyzing the international Cittaslow case, regional tourism development and site status quo issues, this plan puts forward four main points for the development of the Cittaslow case: ecological protection, traditional industry development, slow life construction and cultural inheritance, and the positioning of Gaochun International Cittaslow has been derived:

(1) Establish the natural ecological texture of " 30% is mountains, 20% is water, and 50% are fields ";

(2) Focus on "1+3" industry;

(3) Local cultural environment represented by Wuchu culture;

(4) The slow lifestyle represented by the eating, living, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment.

In this way, the “Cittaslow” urban model was constructed to establish a control system for the sustainable development of the Cittaslow.

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