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Xixinan Wangshan·Diaoxueyuan


Project Information

Project Location:
China Huangshan, Anhui
Project Scale:
1040 Square Meters
Design Time:
February 2017
Build Time:
April 2019
Beijing Wangshan Investment Co., Ltd

Project Profile

1. Project Statement

The project, 1040㎡ in size, is located at the north entrance of Xixinan Village, with a large area of bamboo forest in the east, Xibian Street in the south, Guandi temple in the west and Fengle River in the north. The design aims to build a high-end forum with comprehensive reception center, to establish a Tour Study - Forum - Reception hub together with Turenscape Academy and to make Diaoxue Garden as an iconic image of Xixinan Village.

2. Design Strategy

The landscape design was inspired by its ecological nature. Wingnut forests are well reserved. Footpaths are meandering between forests. The water from adjacent Fengle River was introduced into the site. Small streams, footpaths and hui-style architecture recreate poetic images of ancient Huizhou gardens.

3. Conclusion

On the basis of protecting existing old buildings, we proposed a new hui-style architecture which is not simply reproducing the ancient hui-style elements. Instead, we tried to create dialogues between old and new by preserving existing characteristics of hui-style and blending with the simple modern elements for fulfilling requirements of comfy life style.