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Beijing Wangshan·Villa Lotus


Project Information

Project Location:
China Beijing
Project Scale:
Design Time:
February 2012

Project Profile

1. Project Statement

Project is located in Beijing traditional hutong preservation area. Original building was a two-story kindergarten building in dilapidated conditions. 

2. Objective and Challenge

The challenge is how to restore traditional Beijing courtyard house characteristics and, meanwhile, to fulfill requirements of contemporary lifestyle.

3. Design Strategy

The renovation strategy of this project is to respect its original context to make new building carry out the tradition. The height and scale of the building are in accordance with original building completely. In terms of building facade, traditional materials grey bricks and black tiles are used. In terms of construction and decoration languages, eclecticism is adopted to extract from traditional Chinese architecture and to use simple contemporary design languages to achieve a unified interior environment. Besides, ecology techniques are used. Rainwater is collected for courtyard garden irrigation. 

4. Conclusion

The Jiangnan style garden makes our guests to enjoy a tranquil sense of hiding in the city.