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Linzhou Red Flag Canal Memorial Hall


Project Information

Project Location:
China Linzhou, Heinan Province
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Project Profile

Site layout

The building is located on one of the north gentle slope of the main canal of the Red Flag Canal Grand. To the south, visitors can see the first main canal closely and overlooking the entire grand area. To the east, visitors can see the diversion gate and the old memorial hall.

Building volume and function

The volume of the memorial hall is an abstract of the shape of the Red Flag Canal. The form is a single curve, which grows from the slope, facing the main entrance of the grand. The southern end is overhanging on the first main canal. The building design can be seen from afar after entering the Red Flag Canal Grand, which producing an impressive visual impact and also the commemorative meaning.

In terms of function, the memorial hall and office training center are independent of each other. They are connected by the halls and pedestrian walkways with good landscape effects to form as an organic part.

Interior space

The interior of the memorial hall is mainly divided into three parts: the training office area in the north, the two-storey height transportation and shared space in the middle, and the exhibition space in the southern part. The end space are set up as leisure café, which has the best view of the entire building. Visitors can overlook the entire grand from afar, and a main canal can be seen through the ground glass floor. Visitors can get psychological enjoyment from the fun interior design.

For visitors to communicate with each other friendly, the entire visual space is transparent. The internal use of ramps and straight stairs organizes the traffic, making the visitor's route full of fun.


There are three main materials used in this project: steel mesh, glass and local stone.

The memorial hall mainly uses steel mesh and glass. In the long direction of the building, a wavy steel mesh with abstract water form is used to make the facade varied. On the other side, a large area of glass curtain wall is used to achieve the best landscape effect. The lower part is made of local stone, which perfectly integrated the terrain. The design make the upper part more prominent, highlighting its monumentality.

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