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Yang Jingyu Education and Training Base in Tonghua

2021-01-19 Video

Project Information

Project Location:
China Tonghua, Jilin
Project Scale:
89.78 Hectares
Design Time:
Jilin Tonghua Cultural and Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd

Project Profile

1. Project Statement

The project is located at Xinling road in the north, Xinqing road in the west, Baoan road and Baoan river in the south, bounded by natural mountains in the east; From the high point of the project, you can see the direction of Nanshan park on the south side, and you can see the mountains of Nanshan and the lush mountains. The Baoan river runs through them to form a valley, and the mountains on both sides become opposite to each other, so that tourists can have a broader view.

2. Objective and Challenge

Aim to display local culture:

The local culture, such as the red culture of Koguryo, is reflected in the architectural form and tourism projects of the cadre institute, so that people can feel the bath of culture.

Take red education training as the target:

The cadre institute will be built into the national well-known party spirit education base, patriotism education base, clean government education base, national defense education base and youth ideological and political education base.

Take the cultural experience of anti-Japanese league as the goal:

With Jingyu cemetery and the core of cultural protection unit, Jingyu cemetery will be developed into the leading red tourism base of Jilin province. With the theme of "red culture", the theme park of anti-Japanese United Nations war will be established to allow tourists to experience the red journey of patriotic education.

3. Design Strategy

Functional strategy:

On the basis of ecological landscape and local national culture, with patriotism education demonstration base as the main carrier, with the spirit of northeast anti-Japanese league and Yang Jingyu spirit as the theme of The Times, Jilin province will build a leading red tourism base integrating communication training, cultural display, outdoor experience, leisure and recreation and other functions.

Design language:

Combination of tonghua city of regional culture and local climate, with the spirit of the project itself unique site using abstract expressive space language interpretation, modern, unique "hongyan" northlands, interpret, and respond to the architectural form and the local culture, form a truly spiritual connotation of new tonghua landmark space language.

4. Conclusion

The construction of red education base (Yang Jingyu cadre college) in tonghua city, Jilin province will promote the development of red culture, carry forward China's national spirit and promote economic development.