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Wuyuan Wangshan·Wenzaoxuan


Project Information

Project Location:
China Shangrao,Jiangxi

Project Profile

1. Project Statement

The project is located in Yan Tian Xunjiansi Ancient Village, Wuyuan. The Xunjiansi is distributed in the shape of a lotus leaf, and the residential buildings are all in Huizhou architectural style. The river flows around the village from east to west, and the Huirao Ancient Trail passes through the village. Dozens of Huizhou-style houses are connected in a concentrated manner. On the west side of the village, there are over ten ancient camphor trees that are over 300 years old. The two ancient bridges from the Ming Dynasty, Shuikou East and Shuikou West, are well-preserved, making it a perfect combination of Huizhou Fengshui culture and Confucian culture.

2. Objective and Challenge

On the west side of Yanxi, at the western end of Huixiu Bridge, there is a poetic dwelling transformed from an old residential house called "Wenzaoxuan". Looking out from Wenzaoxuan, you can see the continuous Western Long Mountain gradually unfolding like layers of curtains on both sides, and there is only a crescent-shaped mound in the open field.

This is the "Yueqiu Sizao," which is the Fengshui mountain of the Xunjiansi. It was designed by a Fengshui master in the early years and has auspicious meanings of four joys and corresponds to the nearby Sixi Bridge on the Huirao Ancient Trail. It expresses the meaning of such a unique rural landscape element, which is indescribably wonderful. Wenzaoxuan is named after this.

3. Design Strategy

Wenzaoxuan is divided into two floors. Each floor has one master bedroom (1.8 meters) and one family suite with bunk beds for parents and children (1.8 meters + 1.5 meters, 1.2 meters). In total, there are four suites.

The panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows in the design allow you to look up and see the villagers walking on the ancient trail, working at sunrise and resting at sunset, forming the most captivating picture with the rolling mountains in the distance. The open-air bathtub on the balcony also embodies the designer's poetic imagination.

The interior of Wenzaoxuan is decorated with a "red" tone, creating a warm and lively atmosphere. The attention to detail is also full of surprises, with locally inspired paintings integrated into the walls. It is simple yet elegant, restrained but not extravagant.

4. Conclusion

Wenzaoxuan seamlessly integrates with nature, providing fresh air and outdoor spaces for family members and children to get close to nature and play at any time.