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Wuyuan Wangshan·Daguilou


Project Information

Project Location:
China Shangrao,Jiangxi

Project Profile

1. Project Statement

The project is located in the Yantian Xunjiansi of Wangshan Wuyuan Ancient Village. The Xunjiansi is distributed in the shape of a lotus leaf, and the residential buildings are all Huizhou-style architecture. The river flows around the village from east to west, and the Huirao Ancient Road passes through the village. Several clusters of Huizhou-style houses are connected together, and on the west side of the village, there are over ten ancient camphor trees that are over 300 years old. The two Ming Dynasty ancient bridges on the eastern and western river mouths are well-preserved, representing the perfect combination of Huizhou Fengshui culture and Confucian culture.

2. Objective and Challenge

Passing through Huixiu Bridge along the ancient road, at the westernmost end, there is another poetic dwelling called Daguilou. It is the best in terms of landscape, broad vision, and private space. When you draw the curtains, you will see continuous mountains and the picturesque rural scenery enclosed by the mountains.

3. Design Strategy

Daguilou was originally a dilapidated residential building with its structure completely destroyed. The designer adjusted the proportion of space and the relationship with the courtyard wall in contemporary architectural form according to the original building scale. While reinterpreting the spatial spirit of Huizhou style, the new building integrates with the ancient village.

Daguilou is divided into two floors. The first floor has a separate master bedroom (1.8 meters) and a separate children's room with bunk beds (1.5+1.2 meters). The living room has direct access to the outdoors, allowing you to freely enjoy the beautiful scenery. The second floor has an ultimate landscape master bedroom (1.8 meters) and a large bed suite (1.8 meters).

The two suites on the second floor, with the master bedroom on the west side, have floor-to-ceiling windows that reach the roof ridge, allowing natural sunlight to cast a soft veil over the orderly modern architectural space. The soft furnishings are based on natural wood colors, returning to simplicity without losing a romantic style. The sofa faces the large panoramic windows, allowing you to overlook the entire field.

4. Conclusion

A nearly 500-year-old Golden Osmanthus tree stands quietly beside the ancient road in the field, looking at you as if it were a wise old person engaging in conversation with you. The villagers consider it a sacred tree, and this dwelling is named "Daguilou." In the Huizhou region, "Dagui" sounds like "Dagui" (meaning "wealthy" or "valuable"), and it resonates with "Wenzaoxuan" located north of the ancient road, forming a playful question and answer, full of charm.