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Suining Sponge System Planning


Project Information

Project Location:
Suining, Jiangsu
Project Scale:
258 Square Kilometers
Design Time:

Project Profile

The water ecological security pattern plays a crucial role in the overall control and coordination of urban water systems, forming the foundation for constructing sponge cities. It serves as a fundamental spatial framework for urban development, influencing aspects such as land use, development directions, and the showcasing of urban characteristics. Therefore, it should not merely be treated as a specialized component after urban master planning.

This study takes the water ecological security pattern of Suining City, Sichuan Province, as an example to propose a systematic construction method. It identifies the potential impacts of the water ecological security pattern on urban master planning and suggests approaches to integrate it with urban master planning. This integration is crucial for the development of sponge cities at the master planning level, providing valuable insights for similar initiatives.

In summary, the establishment of a robust water ecological security pattern is essential for ensuring sustainable urban development, enhancing resilience to environmental challenges, and creating livable and harmonious urban environments.