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The 2007 international conference of urban design - the art of survival (on)


Lecturer:Kongjian, Yu 

  A surge of population and economic prosperity on the long-term well-being of environmental and social impact, global warming and sea level rise challenge to human survival environment, the world's urban centers ability to cope with the impact of high fuel costs also need to be tested, likewise, live, work and recreation geographical isolation also needs to planning in urban design.

  During this social context, "2007 international urban design conference " will be held this year on September 6-8 in Australia's gold coast, the meeting's theme is "the wave of change - at the crossroads cities".Michael Sorkin, Urban designers from the United States, Elaine Gallagher the urban society in Canada expert , Jan he professor, the royal Danish academy of fine arts school of architecture, prof yu Beijing university landscape design institute director and Australian architects association President Alex Tzannes.ten expected keynote report at the conference.

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