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American public television station "into" "China week"


Lecturer:Kongjian, Yu Kaifu, Li

  Since July 11, the United States local time, the public broadcasting service (PBS) famous columns "Travis, thunder" had been played the documentary "China week" for five days, special report to China.Each episode telecast 30 minutes.

  It is understood that the five documentary focus on the Chinese economy, China's environmental problems, hip-hop and black ethnic subcultures, China's education and elite point of view.Invited to participate in the program recording the guests with the average Chinese migrant workers, students in Beijing 101 middle school , famous people in the poll, yuan yue asked chairman lee, landscape design research institute of Peking University, dean of kongjian yu, chairman of the committee and the Chinese organizations wu jianmin, etc.

  On the PBS website, a signature for lesley equivalents in the message says, are looking forward to the unusual documentary and feelings about the present situation of China and its economic and discovery.Against documentary "elite dialogue" fifth set, net, according to the "winter" of the audience to see from the two opposite cultures people don't need to attack or repel each other's point of view, it's fantastic.

  "Travis, thunder" is named after the host of the show, with relaxed tone for news editorial, seat guests including politicians, performing celebrities, sports stars and all kinds of eye-catching news.Columns take 30 minutes each time .

  Travis, ray used to be announcer, writer, publisher and philanthropist.He not only act as the host with the same name column, is also the main members of the program production team.In 2009, the United States time magazine reviewed him as one of the "100 most influential people in the world".(Wan Jia)

  We planed the program production team to go back to China.when i visited to China first time last year, I want American people to see how much the same values they have with Chinese , Chinese are also looking for a good life.- host Travis, ray on July 11, an interview with xinhua news agency said.

  12, the landscape design research institute of Peking University, kongjian yu, said in an interview a month ago, the PBS group director and star host successively in two locations, is China's environmental governance issues on the inte

  "I introduced to the director and the host about the design of some of China's environmental governance. in Beijing Offices . they were Shocked when they see the results of environmental governance, because we have not only a series of ways to solve China's environmental problems, but put it into practice."Sasaki said.

  Shanghai huangpu river beach park after kongjian yu) are the important case about "environmental engineering".after PBS had communication with him, they made a special trip to Shanghai beach park, kongjian yu used English to communicate with the host again for an hour .

  Kongjian yu, said that Houtan park is the use of wetland sewage treatment is an important case.Using for constructed wetlands can purify 2400 tons of water per day, popular, translating the dirty water into clean water.(ZhongYuWei)

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