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National Design Week in the United States Focuses on Sponge City and Sponge Planet


Lecturer:Kongjian Yu

Receiving the National Design Award in Landscape Architecture is such a great honor for me and my team. Global we are facing so many challenges, floods, droughts, pollution and habitats loss. For the past 25 years, I and my team have designed and built over 600 projects in more than 200 cities to test my ambitus concept of Sponge City and sponge planet to heal the cities by retaining the water on the land, slowing down flow and being adaptive to floods and sea level rising, and healing the planet earth. I want to thank this year’s jury and the Cooper Hewitt for recognizing my work. This award offers a huge encouragement to those who have made their career in underdeveloped regions to heal our common planet earth.

Thank you all!

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