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CCTV13: China's landscape design goy highest award works


Lecturer:Kongjian, Yu Nancy . Mr Mo  William sanders

  ASLA1 in Arizona, phoenix held 2012 landscape design award ceremony, the design work won the highest award this year, is from China - integrated design outstanding award.This conference to transcend boundaries, the design, the leadership and the community as the theme, in more than 620 works stand out, from the world ultimately had 37 pieces , respectively for "integrated design", "housing design" and "landmark design", and many other awards. prof yu who from The Peking University institute of architecture and landscape design won this year only "outstanding award" in the integrated design .hosted by Harbin national urban wetland park, which is the highest award of the national landscape design.

  Nancy, vice President of the American society of landscape architects. Mr Mo's evaluation: kongjian yu design is excellent, the design of the entire project is perfect, he won the outstanding award ". The journal of the American landscape design editor William sanders also talk about: sasaki is stronger than the other landscape architect he can understanding of landscape design, functional used in design work.

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