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People's Daily online (English version) : kongjian yu advocated the modern landscape design should be "go back to ordinary life"


Lecturer:Kongjian, Yu

On August 27, landscape design research institute of Peking University, Beijing native landscape and architectural planning design and research institute director Dr Kongjian yu accepted the People's Daily online (English version) reporter interviews with angel lee in full of green office , and answered the reporters' questions about some of the problems in the present construction city .

"We are now in the rapid urbanization period, all the cities over the country are during a high speed development . But sadly, many times we are 'In order to city and city", rather than to their homes and cities, so we're far from the nature, from the foundation of culture, and the future land will be a very important role in the process of communication in contact with human history play  ", Dr Yu is facing the blind construction, destroyed their homes

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