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Beijing Wenyu River Ecological Corridor (Chaoyang Section) Planning and Design


Project Information

Project Location:
China Beijing
Project Scale:
1018 Hectares
Design Time:
April 2004
Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning, Peoples Government of Chaoyang

Project Profile

Overall concept: The New International Community

A mother river with a long history, a land with dreams and hopes, a city with antiquity and vitality, an era with changes and opportunities ... ... all of which, has made it a destiny for the Wenyu River Ecological Corridor (Chaoyang Section) Development to symbolize the significance of the society and the times.

The planning has recognized Wenyu River Ecological Corridor (Chaoyang Section) Development as comprehensive social engineering rather than simplified arrangement of physical space. "The New International Community" is based on regional characteristics, relying on the international metropolis of Beijing, taking comprehensive consideration of the ecological, economic and social problems involved in the development. Its objective is to achieve the holistic harmony between human beings and nature; human beings and their fellows; inhabitation, work and recreation activities; as well as the stratums within the structure of human society. Also, it aims to provide a beacon and model for Beijing’s international urban development and Chinas road towards urbanization in the 21st century, and also an example for the international sustainable development.

The project is named as "The New International Community" for the following reasons:

(1) It is a rich ecological environment: an inland river ecological corridor like Peach Creek, connecting a series of villages, full of fertile fields and beautiful bamboos, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, presenting the story of harmony between man and nature as well as between human beings themselves.

(2) It is new: the opened and information-based internal and external connections, energy and resource utilization with the green transportation and ecological awareness, making her a beacon of new life style and new culture.

(3) It is a community: the local people establish a man-land relationship and harmony within the community through the joint-stock cooperative system and other socio-economic ties. They have a strong ecological and cultural identity as well as a sense of belonging to the land and community, making her the model of the solution to Chinas crucial issue between land and urbanization.

(4) It is international: Relying on its regional strengths in the process of internationalization, cultural and social diversity, inviting rich and colorful lifestyles, rendering itself the as the most attractive living, leisure and tourism communication center, the city will be seen as a pioneer of the era embracing internationalism.