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Shanxi Qinling Youran Mountain Scenery Area


Project Information

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中国 Ankang, Xi'an City, Shanxi Province, China
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Project Profile

“Seek easement in the hinterland of Qinling Mountain, with hundreds of beasts as neighbors. Hunt aloofness deep into the Begonia Grove, with millions of willows as companions.” Youran Mountain of Shanxi Province, where the project located, has advantageous locality and excellent natural environment, which has given a lot of inspiration to the designers, and also amounted to the Millennium Begonia Forest-themed project planning and corresponding activities.

At the same time, the planning layout emphasized the site's low-impact development and high-end construction. Buildings scattered around one side of the mountain, in order to provide each building with better landscape perspective of facing green mountain and water, making it feel like nestling in the arms of mountain forest landscape. A storage battery car lane links the major functional buildings, helping to solve the major traffic problems accessing to the site, and a continuous boardwalk winds throughout the site, constituting the promenade network of the entire field.

Architectural design is mainly based on the existing terrain, following the trend of mountains and applying simple and unaffected style of modern architecture.

In line with the principle of minimizing the impact on the site, the landscape design solution has sort out the water system and vegetation on site, arranging terraced planting landscape surrounding the buildings according to topographical conditions, so that people who live here will have a feeling of "Youran Mountain, Back to Country". Landscape structures design took inspiration from the branches and leaves of Begonia, which distributed on the waterfront, half the hillside and hilltop, integrated into a unity with the environment.

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