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Tongnan Dafo Temple Wetland Park in Chongqing City

2019-10-25 Video

Project Information

Project Location:
China Chongqing
Project Classify:
Project Scale:
Design Time:
July 2017
May 2019

Project Profile

1. Project Statement

Tongnan Dafo Temple Wetland Park is located on the banks of Fu River in the central area of Tongnan District in Chongqing. It is an oasis in the high-density urban area, which represent the landscape of Tongnan District, and adjacent to Dafo Temple, a national AAAA level scenic spot.

2. Objective and Strategy

Aims to create a “riverside beach--the return of the Fu River wetland”, the design team preserves the wetland of the river as much as possible, compresses the boundary of the city balcony, and sets up a walking corridor, thus providing visitors with a rich and sensory experience.

Taking the vision of “take a boat ride down the river alongside the flowery dyke, thousands of mountains emerge in the haze”, the team activates two key cultural elements of Tongnan: the long-established shipping culture, and the Buddhist culture based on the Dafo Temple, and creates a city riverside wetland landscape park with local cultural character.

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