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Kaban Lakes System Embankments


Project Information

Project Location:
Russia Kaban
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Award List:
2019 APA International Planning Excellence Award

Project Profile

The Kaban Lakes Overall Embankment Master Plan in Kazan focuses on the idea of creating “The Resilient Ribbon”, a continuous landscape network system along the Kaban Lakes that demarcates the memory and designates the prophecy of Kazan. It is a natural infrastructure, which every citizen and development will depend on, by making water as a new living legacy for the City of Kazan along with the Volga River and the Kazanka River. Besides the hidden treasure at the bottom of the Kaban Lakes, the Resilient Ribbon of Kazan is a new living treasure that opens up a new chapter of our legend where we can continue to build our memories, our homes, and our dreams. The Resilient Ribbon will become a timeless legend, an endearing story that will last for people to transcend themselves between the past, present and future of Kazan at the same time with nature.

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